Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Five Top Free Music Download Sites

My five favourite free music download sites.  Im a huge music fan,  I can’t live without my music, I listen to music when ever im on the move through my iphone.  Over the years I have found many sites which you can download music from for free,  And best of all the downloads are legal.

The first site im going to tell you about is Jamendo.  Jamendo has been online since 2005 and supports many different languages and is available for everyone around the world.  There are around 50,000 albums available to download and they are licensed through Creative Commons and Free Art licenses.

The next site im going tp tell you about is Free Music Archive.  The Free Music Archive has been online since mid 2009.  The site was originally launched in Jersey as a radio station but has since then been re-released as a “Social online music website” which distributes free legal audio downloads (There words) The site currently hosts just over 30,000 songs.

Dogmazic is another one of my favourite free music download sites  This site is based in france and has been online since 2004.  The site distributes free audio through a “Creative license” This site is quite small but the best thing about it is that there are no advertisements.

Youtube.  You can’t beat youtube. As you know many artists will post their music on youtube to get exposure and sometimes you can find some good music.  There is even a free music category on the site where you can search for artists.

My next site is CC Mixter.  CC Mixteris a social website which supply’s users or visitors with free examples of there music.  Sometimes you can download full tracks from artists.

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